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7. What is the right form for a major pull? A. Close your eyes and have someone gently pull on your shoulder. B. Stand on one leg and focus on your breath. C. Stand with your arms outstretched. D. Touch your toes. E. Stretch your spine backward with your hands behind your head. F. Stretch your chest and shoulders. 8. In which direction should you stretch? A. Away from the work area. B. Toward your body. C. Toward the exit. D. Straight toward your body. 9. What is the purpose of the following straight leg stretches? A. It prepares your body for the pull. B. It reduces stress and swelling in your joints. C. It corrects a valgus or varus foot position. D. It prevents the pulling of the lumbar spine. 10. What does a good prep rope feel like? A. Heavy and stiff. B. Smooth and soft. C. Stiff and hard. D. Thin and supple. 11. How can you prevent pulling of the lumbar spine? A. Do not let the rope press into your back or hamstrings. B. Perform the pull and the raise and lower of the pull from the thighs to the shoulders. C. Stretch your hamstring when standing on one leg. D. Widen your stance while pulling the rope. 12. If you are performing a different body of work, how can you modify the straight leg stretch? A. Stand closer to the work. B. Maintain the same distance from the work. C. Move farther from the work. D. Move closer to the work. 13. What are the keys to stretching? A. Allow the stretch to go deep. B. The muscles must feel very tight. C. Stretch slowly. D. Relax completely. 14. What are the elements of the rock climb? A. Protection. B. Fitness. C. Climbing ability. D. Experience. 15. What do you want to know before you go rock climbing? A. What kind of protection do I need? B. What are the best holds? C. How should I warm up? D. What should I wear? 16. What are the keys to success on a climb? A. Carefully evaluate each piece of protection. B. Do not overcomplicate protection. C. Watch your feet during rappels. D




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